With a mix of aerobics, weights and intervals, CrossFit workouts offer your body the opportunity to get in its best shape yet!
CrossFit includes a myriad of exercises that incorporate equipment like dumbbells, barbells, kettle bells, gymnastic rings, weighted balls, ropes, pull-up bars, resistance bands, weighted sleds and more. It’s different everyday, but you’re always guaranteed a kick-butt workout! Here’s some reasons to give it a try:

1. Cardiovascular Fitness

CrossFit builds cardiovascular endurance by incorporating exercises that keep your heart rate up. Some of these include burpees, mountain climbers, sprints, box jumps and jump ropes.

2. Weight Training

Unlike traditional gyms with standardized muscle-building machines, CrossFit workouts use a variety of free weights coupled with body weight movements to achieve the ultimate results. Thrusters, weighted lunges and kettle bell swings are some examples. CrossFit often adds weights to cardio exercises, such as a farmer’s carry, sled push or burpee-to-dumbbell-row.

3. Professional Trainers

Every CrossFit class is lead by a trainer that is an expert in physical fitness. Trainers help you to do the exercises correctly and to keep going. They are there to motivate you and help you achieve your goals. As fitness is often a long-term goal, trainers want to get to know you and create a relationship.

4. Measurable Goals

CrossFit makes it easy to set goals and calculate progress. With an emphasis on using free weights, you can measure the weights you use and keep track as you increase weights over time. Although many exercises focus on weight during a set number of reps, others emphasize time. Doing more reps in a set time or doing a certain movement for a longer amount of time are also ways in which you can keep tabs on the progress you make.

5. Camaraderie

CrossFit is often done in a group-class setting, so it is inevitable to interact with others. There’s a lot of common ground as everyone is working towards similar fitness goals. You’re in the workouts together, and it becomes natural to cheer each other on!

6. Never Boring

New day, new workout. You never know what you’re going to get! The structure of the workouts are changed as well as the exercises. Depending on the day, you could be working in partners, small groups, individually, or with the whole class. You could be doing stations, interval training, or a ladder workout.


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