Our group coaching classes use the CrossFit methodology.

CrossFit is varied functional movements executed at relative high intensity. We have developed and designed the program through hours of results based research.

CrossFit is a universally scalable approach to exercise, which makes it the perfect program for any committed individual regardless of prior experience. Each client performs the same workout; we simply change the weight and intensity to fit our clients’ ability and fitness goals.

While the prescription is constantly varied we compile a structured program that while progressive in its planning will provide consistent variety for you the member

Due to the constantly-varied workouts CrossFit also produces the best exercise adherence – you have fun, you like it, so you do it more and are less likely to quit! Regardless of who you are and your perceived capabilities everyone can benefit from CrossFit.

CrossFit group coaching is ideal if you

  • Want to get fit and healthy and train with a group of likeminded people
  • Want an exercise program that gets results but keeps the training varied and interesting
  • Want to work on both strength and fitness



While we feel CrossFit is for everyone and our group classes will create unrivalled fitness in the general population, there are always occasions where people either need or want individual programming.

Our semi private training option sees you training in a group environment while still working from a personal program designed specifically for you.  An initial movement assessment along with goal setting consultation allows us to put together a progressive program based on your needs.  You still get all the benefits of training in a group environment along with movements and prescription that align with specific needs.

Semi private training is a better option should you

  • Have an underlying injury that needs to be taken in to account
  • Have a historical injury that could cause issues when jumping straight in to an exercise program
  • Have a medical condition that needs to be taken in to account
  • Have been training for a while and hit a bit of a plateau
  • Simply want something more specific to you


Our personal training option sees you training one – on – one with your coach.  An initial lifestyle and goal setting consultation will determine how your program will be planned out.  We will then write your program and you will meet with your coach individually each session.

Our personal training option is ideal if

  • You have any of the reasons from our semi private training list
  • You are getting in to your fitness and health journey and would prefer not to be around other individuals initially
  • You have specific skills or strength development requirements and want some one – on –one attention
  • You want to develop your fitness before going in to either the semi private or group coaching options.


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